A Life Mundane

My minister was preaching a sermon a week or so ago and said that non-believers don’t believe in God because there is no evil in their lives. He went on to say that mediocre living brings non-belief.

cross-1448946_1920Jesus died so we could live an amazing life.

Think about that.

Now consider if that statement might not true for some Christians as well. When our lives are mediocre or ordinary, do we lose some of that joy for God? Yet 1 Thessalonians tells us that we should “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.”

I found myself the other night basically being on remote control while praying to God. I didn’t feel or even really recall praying. There was no joy, no tears, just ordinary. That’s not good. I should have been excited to speak with Him, yet, like most Christians, I allowed the world and other thoughts to get in the way.

audience-868074_1920Being a Christian should be anything but mundane.

It’s that way sometimes with our lives also. We decide to live a mundane life instead of the life God has chosen for us. We fear rejection so we don’t step out. But isn’t that what being a Christian is all about, allowing our lights to shine in difficult situations?


A Christian has no business being satisfied with mediocrity. He’s supposed to reach for the stars. Why not? He’s not on his own anymore. He has God’s help now. – Catherine Marshall, the author of “Christy.”


Our lives should show our faith twenty-four/seven. Instead, we allow fear to lead us to be ordinary. There is nothing ordinary about being a Christian. And if we continue with a mundane life, we might turn to sin in order to fulfill what we feel we’re lacking.

Step out and allow God to show you where He wants you. It might be on a stage preaching or just being kind in a grocery line. Too often when we feel God is telling us to show our faith, we think that means preaching to others. But it can be something as simple as paying for the groceries of the haggard mother in the line behind you.

Give your attention to Jesus. Allow Him to lead you into a life of joy and fulfillment. The more we do in His word, the less mediocre our lives should be. Then just maybe one of those non-believers will decide they’ve had enough of the mundane and want to get to know what makes our lives so amazing.

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