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How Much to Give

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How Much to Give

It’s been almost a week since Hurricane Harvey hit the state of Texas leaving behind destruction. It only took a couple of hours before the haters started coming out. Who was their directed target? Joel Osteen. Apparently, they didn’t think he opened his church fast enough to allow people in. Next with a bull’s-eye on his back was President Trump. He gave one million dollars of his own money, yet there were those who didn’t think it was enough.

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President Trump has pledged to give $1 million
of his own money to help the victims of
Hurricane Harvey

First, let me tell you about hurricanes. You see them coming. I live in Florida. When Matthew hit, we were told to leave. A lot didn’t. Same with Houston. If you know it’s coming, and you choose to stay, don’t blame someone else if you need help. There are very few who are unable to, i.e. nursing home patrons and people in hospitals. Most who stayed did so just to chance it not hitting.

Second, how many of you who complained about Joel Osteen or President Trump opened your own homes and wallets? Someone told me they thought Trump should give ten percent of his savings. When I suggested they do the same thing, you should have seen the look on their face.

Why is it we expect so much more from others than ourselves?

Hebrews 6:10 tells us God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. He will also not forget when you do not help because you expect others to do so instead.

key-west-81665_1920Hurricane Harvey was a Category 3 hurricane. There have
been several intense storms the last couple of years,
including Matthew which was category 5.

We’ve become a nation of finger pointers. A lot of that dislike comes from jealousy. Most of the people who complained about Joel Osteen also mentioned his ten million dollar home. And those who complained about President Trump talked of his billions. It’s clear there was disdain over the fact they have so much.


I just talked with God … He didn’t ask me what Joel Osteen was doing, He asked me what I was doing. – Chonda Pierce


As Christians, we need to realize that God isn’t going to ask us what Joel Osteen did with his church, his home, or his money. He’s not going to ask us if we think President Trump should have given more. No, God is going to ask what you did with what he gave you.

So, how did you do? Were you generous enough to make God happy? Before you point a finger at others, make sure that person in the mirror was even more generous than they are asking of others.

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