How Little We Trust

I’ve been considering selling my home but wanted to have an inspector come over and tell me what might need to be done. The last thing I wanted was my headache to become someone else’s. I called a couple people, and one man started asking me questions. “Do I have a crawlspace?” “Do I have city or a septic tank?” Stuff like that. As he went down the list, he told me what was good and wasn’t. In the end, we spent about 10 minutes, and he told me what needed to be done.

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I didn’t even have to pay him. So, of course, in this world of “me, me, me,” I was skeptical. I couldn’t help but wonder was he just being lazy or too busy to care enough to come over?

Years ago if someone had done the same thing, I would have appreciated the good customer service. Now I’m looking for the catch. I’ve become dubious of others, and it’s sad.

I’m not the only one having issues with trust. Others have told me they don’t have faith in strangers anymore either. They do arm’s length transactions to keep from getting hurt. Too bad many of us have been hurt or seen others hurt to the point we can’t trust anyone at face value.

Maybe the reason we Christians have a hard time with trust is that other Christians have been the ones to let us down. Matthew 5:37 tells us Christians should strive to be trustworthy. Jesus was clear that His followers should keep their word. Imagine if more Christians behaved like Jesus. Not only would we have more trust, but we’d have more people following Christ.


Trust keeps us happy, it is the doubt that brings in sadness. Trust keeps us calm, it is the doubt that brings in anxiety. – Drishti Bablani, www.wordions.com


We as Christians need to be more trustworthy. And we also need to trust God when He puts honest people in our lives. We can be cautious and pray before we make decisions. That doesn’t mean we’re untrustworthy, it just means we’re putting our trust in God.

I believe the inspector who took his time for me was being honest and trying to help me save money. The more I thought about it, the more I appreciated how wonderful that was. He could have come over, charged me $400.00, and told me the same thing, but he chose to be kind instead.

I assume he’s a Christian man. Not that you need to be Christian to be nice, I just like to think that way. And if anyone needs a home inspector here in Jacksonville, I’ll certainly give them his name. If he can be that trustworthy over the phone, I’m assuming he can be even more so face-to-face.

If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, please let me know. I’ll be happy to pray about the situation.

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