When is a Lie the Truth?

The government shutdown is heading into its third week. The news media is interviewing people who claim to be destitute because of it. CNN does so to make the president look responsible, while Fox News does so to make the Democrats look just as bad. Just explain to me how someone can be so hard up when they just missed one check. I know most live paycheck to paycheck, but why this sky is falling mentality? While they should be concerned, they shouldn’t be destitute, unless of course, they were destitute before.


Proverbs 12:22 tells us The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s hard to find truly honest people or companies. Including Christians.

As Christians, we should not only be honest ourselves but want honesty from the companies we deal with and the news outlets we watch. Too often, we listen to the pundit who gives us “our” side of the story without caring if it’s true or not. And then we pass it on to others.


If we use the ‘pen of fiction’ to edit the ‘narrative of fact’ in order to justify our choices, we will soon discover that the pen is, in fact, a pencil. – Craig D. Lounsbrough, Counselor and author


Common sense needs to prevail when listening or reading a news story. You should know that no one is about to lose their home or have their vehicle repossessed just because of one missed payment. It usually takes months for that to happen, at least if you’re dealing with reputable lenders.

We all like to put our little spin on things to make ourselves out to be worse off than others or a better person than we truly are. But, God doesn’t care for it, and as Christians, neither should we.

So when is a lie the truth? Never. It doesn’t matter if comes from a friends lips or a national news station. We need to call out these news stations when they post half-truths or outright lies. And then turn them off. If they started to lose viewers, they might actually go back to reporting the news without their political spin.

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